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Obama Will Take Us Backward By Channeling Keynes


  John Maynard Keynes, has been pulled on the stage. Keynes taught that spending, especially spending by consumers, is the way out of a slowdown. From last summer's small stimulus checks to the infrastructure projects under consideration by President-elect Barack Obama and congressional Democrats, almost everything the government has done or wants to do is justified by Keynes.
  That's problematic. For Keynesian solutions often fail to deliver good or even acceptable results.
  The limits start showing up with the tiniest of stimuli, those government checks Americans received in the mail last spring. The idea was that having the cash would cheer up consumers so that they would start shopping again, helping retailers. That in turn would revive wholesalers, shippers, suppliers -- on up the production line.
   But that stimulus failed, as the University of Michigan's Joel Slemrod and Matthew Shapiro noted. Interviews with consumers showed that only a fifth said they would spend their cash.
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      Sursa:                                                 19 november 2008 






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